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Those had been uncle’s terms. Just after the celebration, Lu Jin carries a drunk Sheng Nan to mattress. It’s a further intimate second.

But Sheng Nan is hungry. Lu Jin prepares ramen for her. He place in a lot of energy and when it’s nearly ready he closes the lid and tells a starving Sheng Nan to wait a different three long minutes.

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Sheng Nan is dying. Actually dying. You can find 10 additional seconds left until eventually the ideal ramen is prepared but Sheng Nan leaves the desk, retrieves her personal pack of ramen, pops the bag, snaps the uncooked noodle, and dips it into sauce.

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The rest is crunch, crunch, crunch . She’s not consuming his ramen anymore. Hahaha . Lu Jin asks her if she’s major but he is also curious about her ramen.

Without having a term, she gives him a piece. He is amazed.

He wants much more but she only presents him crumbs. She’s cruel, lol .

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Neither of them want his ideal ramen anymore. Sheng Nan asks him if tonight was much too rowdy for him. Lu Jin likes the electrical power. He won’t have numerous family members and he’s grateful to her for bringing him far more kin. Sheng Nan is surprised to silence. Ou. He’s currently being major . The upcoming early morning, rumours have taken a unique switch.

Cheng Zi Qian dropped off Sheng Nan at function and now Sheng Nan’s rumoured boyfriend is him. The other chefs assume she received the head chef posture since of connections and now none of them will listen to her. The function natural environment turns into toxic. An upset Sheng Nan returns residence. She as soon as again can take it out on the current market folks.

All of them prevent eye call with her. Sheng Nan has identified her prey: the egg male. The guy tries to stay away from Sheng Nan by conversing to Lu Jin alternatively. Lu Jin brims with self-confidence and asks for the most high priced egg, lol. Lu Jin is about to witness a new Sheng Nan . rn[ Ep13 ] I feel Lu Jin likes a bargaining Sheng Nan but each and every time she bargains, he follows and tops up the money for her.

He drops her off dwelling and instantly the mood is passionate all over again. He kisses her – nope, they’re interrupted by her door lock audio. She swiftly settles that to resume the kiss, lol .

On the other hand, they’re interrupted yet again by the scent of a freshly painted partitions. Their neighbour is renovating. So much tease for a single kiss . When they are back again in their respective residences, Sheng Nan is asking her Lu Turtle Hair if he likes her and Lu Jin is telling the spoon (the a person she utilised to pin up her hair) that he likes her. The up coming working day, Sheng Nan prepares a formal lunch for Lu Jin, Mom, and Li Guy. However, there is a mishap. Her dish is switched out for an additional a single. Li Male interprets a great deal from that a single dish. In brief it signifies the most important entree will suck all its accompaniment dry. Mom understands this as Sheng Nan mocking her bold go to obtain the resort, producing herself prosper, and viewing other folks wither. All that from 1 dish. Alright, Li Gentleman . Sheng Nan argues that she’s not an fool to deliver this dish proper to her encounter if she intended that. Lu Jin and Cheng Zi Qian work together to make clear Sheng Nan’s innocence. It was the jealous chef who switched the dishes. Lu Jin also can make the jealous chef accept that Sheng Nan’s boyfriend is, yours definitely, Lu Jin. A smug Lu Jin flaunts his smirk to Cheng Zi Qian. rn[ Ep14 ] Lu Jin misunderstands Sheng Nan’s cake (a mouth watering mocha chocolate cake) is for his mom.