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Fred Andrews. Frederick „Fred“ Arthur Andrews was a principal character from the CW’s Riverdale

Fred Andrews. Frederick „Fred“ Arthur Andrews was a principal character from the CW’s Riverdale

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Fred Andrews

Biographical Suggestions

  • Might 21, 1970 (elderly: 50)


  • Freddy Andrews (by FP)
  • Mr. A (by Jughead)


  • Co-owner of Andrews Development


Reason behind dying

  • Struck by an automobile (powered by Jeffrey Augustine)



  • The Midnight Club(previously)
  • Andrews Development
  • Lodge Businesses

Family Relations

  • Artie Andrews † (dad)
  • Virginia Andrews (mama)
  • Oscar Andrews † (brother)
  • Frank Andrews(uncle)
  • Mary Andrews(wife)
  • Archie Andrews(daughter)
  • Vegas(pet)



  • Luke Perry
  • KJ Apa(teen)

1st Appearance

Finally Look

Frederick „Fred“ Arthur Andrews ended up being a principal character regarding the CW’s Riverdale. He had been represented because of the belated Luke Perry.

Fred was the owner of Andrews building and Archie’s grandfather. The guy dated Hermione Lodge in high-school and later partnered Mary Andrews. They divided after over a decade of relationships. Mary leftover city and moved to Chicago. After Mary remaining Riverdale, it was merely your as well as their child, Archie, which contributed to the pair of them building an even healthier bond. As revealed during the first month, Archie would rather keep his mama than abandon their pops and then leave him alone in Riverdale. This was confirmed whenever Archie denied his mom’s offer to move to Riverdale.

From inside the next season, Fred is actually killed in a tragic hit-and-run while assisting a stranger unofficially on the roadway. They certainly were doing the tire and a vehicle arrived on the scene of nowhere, racing towards all of them. The woman froze in route, and Fred pushed the lady off the beaten track. The guy stored the woman lifetime, and if he’dn’t finished what the guy did, she’d’ve died instead of him.


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Personality Details

a cool father or mother the master of a development businesses in town. He hopes that their son will require around group trade in the future. [1]

Early Life

Fred came to be on May 21, 1970 to Arthur and Virginia Andrews at Riverdale standard medical center and raised in Riverdale. Like his boy, the guy went to the neighborhood senior school, in which the guy grabbed the baseball professionals to two straight state titles and ended up being buddies with FP Jones, and briefly dated Hermione Lodge, until she chose the rich child, Hiram Lodge, over your, after they got a falling around appropriate main Featherhead’s demise. [2] . During those senior school age, Fred and FP invested a complete summer time fixing up a classic DW bus, which they later called „The Shaggin‘ Wagon.“ After that, they created a band their own junior [2] year known as „The Fred minds.“ Obviously, this attracted the attention of many females for Fred.

Fred’s pops have be ill along with 1992, during Fred’s junior 12 months, as he is playing Gryphons and Gargoyles on senior school, his parent passed on. A new Fred, who had intentions to bring baseball and start to become a musician, gave it working at his dad’s development company, to respect his father’s mind. [2] After graduation, he overran the families business at 18. The guy later on went on to marry Mary Andrews, and she’d give delivery with their first and simply son or daughter, Archie. Their particular union wouldn’t last plus they separated. Both even had troubles being in similar space with each other without a mediator present. Very, Mary babel moved away to Chicago. Sometime following the divorce, Fred had been faced with driving drunk even though it’s later unveiled he grabbed the blame for his uncle.

Long before Fred began their profession in construction, the guy dreamed of getting gran of Riverdale. He actually put on feel an urban coordinator in college or university aspiring to added his desired. This was without a doubt before his daddy expanded ill, pressuring your to defer his long-time fancy. He’d constructed a presentation for a program that he called „Riverdale 2020.“ A little city with a huge upcoming.

Throughout Riverdale

  • Period 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3

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