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Iaˆ™m internet dating a German/Hungarian mutt and heaˆ™s absolutely tasty

Iaˆ™m internet dating a German/Hungarian mutt and heaˆ™s absolutely tasty

Oh, and abdominal muscles… and arms… SEE WHAT YOU PROBABLY DID, ELSA?! the reason why’d you must starting referring to males?! Haha.. Me and my personal Scorp. increasing… (BTW, yesterday got PERFECT for my situation regarding the Scorp. stellium…)

A factor I *do* require is (nothing to do with physical appearance) quite a few shoulder area (aka liberty aˆ“ a Uranus/Aquarius thing) and *all* my personal earlier partners bring afforded me personally that.

that Im (generally, but not usually) *repelled* by men and women of aˆ?magazine coveraˆ? search… those cookie-cutter blondes or hunks that identical from both…

Most people can’t comprehend my personal tourist attractions. The less diplomatic company (one in certain) has over and over stated (in disgust) aˆ?You see

We have dated aˆ?head turners‘ (that becomes monotonous, it really do) and exactly what some individuals may have regarded as aˆ?dogs‘ – and every flavor around.

There isn’t a physical sort. I thought used to do for some time, however it looks like I happened to be completely wrong. Depending on numerous issues inside my lives mejores sitios de citas espirituales, i have either gone for extremely tall males or rather small types. Skinny bodies, pudgy body, long flowing locking devices, hair thinning, blue/brown/hazel/green vision, with sunglasses and without…

The things I perform like was kinda lightweight, dark men!

BUT! They’ve all become geeks in one single means or other. Lately, the inclination seems to be for player geeks with prominant Aries and Pisces. *shrugs* HellifIknow!

I DON’t like too high, slim, blonde guys ?Y?? (saturn during the 7th has had me some of those though, they are handsome however my kind whatsoever. various other then that he is the male type of a Stepford spouse, will saturn drive us to agree to your?…we’ll discover. )

black eyes, the arab sort, discover? typically they will have dark heavy eyebrows and black eyes, I like fuzzy male people. I hate the metrossexual type.

We decide alot with what my personal guy Aquarius rising Strawberry said. There can be a link between all of our 7th residence in addition to form of everyone we like, You will find a preference for leo soaring man.

okay this can be some odd … but i’ve a specific means boys I like and a particular kind lady I like. Im very likely to be drawn to a person outside of the aˆ?typeaˆ? than a woman outside the type … but I tend to be keen on products beyond the actual sort. Still, though, you create an effective aim, and a tall, broad-shouldered keep of a man with just a bit of a belly will become my head any. single. energy. (and in case he is dark, better still … LOL!) Just like a petite lady with waist in the wide area and a great butt becomes my personal interest regularly.

Aquarius Asc (Uranus guidelines my information) + Uranus as my first globe (everything I choose) during the 7H (relationship/partner)

Bald people, light sight, broad shoulders, heavy throat…we quit mentioning (no small accomplishment ;-)) whenever some one like this walks through!

smiling eyes and strong bone build. strong noses or finely shaped noses. interesting hair: long, nothing, strange. a peek of conspiratorial smugness. mmmm.

We inform me that i’ve one kind but I appear to observe a lot of people that simply don’t fit it, though frequently with lanky muscle. I state it’s my job to generally like guys with average length dark colored tresses and often, i do believe, big smart, attractive eyes. I do believe I do not often aim for blondes but You will find observed them. Occasionally all one i prefer needs to do to see me personally perhaps not attracted to them is actually shave their head or develop long-hair. I really don’t fancy men with bare heads often or with this a lot undesired facial hair whenever it doesn’t see artful adequate. I was thinking I do not like hairy males but I was and am interested in guys with chest area tresses. I’ve got anything for Aquarians, that’s for many.

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