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Ontario Cougar Sightings a€“ migration idea bolstered

Ontario Cougar Sightings a€“ migration idea bolstered

The ever-elusive cougar still is are noticed across Ontario with regularity while the West-east Migration idea is now most likely.

The usually misunderstand hill lion provides obviously adopted house in Ontario but many folks nevertheless decide to turn a blind vision. The evidence was installing once we see closer to identifying the foundation of the intriguing big felines.

The initial real specimen Ontario had observed because 1800s is a cougar shot by police in Bracebridge-area back summertime of 2012, which turned into an escaped captive animal. This is simply not to say that the number of larger cat states I see each month are common domesticated creatures, there can be evidence to show that a West-East Migration can be taking place in Ontario.

A cougar slain along a Connecticut highway in 2011, for example, was actually found by an American Wildlife genes Laboratory getting an inherited beauty products similar to the Ebony mountains of Southern Dakota. This cougar is believed to have journeyed above 1,800 miles in an unfathomable trek eastward. It’s my personal principle(& many others) a large number of all of our Ontario pets could fall into these kinds.

This map describes the theory of how this cougar moved eastward, showing up in Connecticut, predicated on other sightings. (as a result of Crytomundo for any image)

One minute cougar was actually uncovered in Ontario, which further bolsters the West-East Migration idea! This specimen ended up being found suspended in a snowbank on Boreal path near Thunder Bay upon . Though there is speculation this animal would confirm the presence of a resident cougar communities in Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of organic means & Forestry have cells trials provided for a DNA analysis Station in Montana.

a€?The laboratory determined with 95 per cent likelihood that the cougar, found in Thunder Bay, is related to individuals from the region in the Black mountains of Wyoming, and southern area Dakota.a€?

Sound familiar? Ebony Mountains of Southern Dakota? Could it possibly be strictly a coincidence that the pet found in Connecticut in 2011, and the one uncovered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, last spring season display close DNA facts?

Though the Ontario MNRF downplayed the genetic examination outcomes, stating: a€?People should not a€?read as well mucha€? inside success, since the proven fact that the animal had hereditary elizabeth from there.a€?

Presently there are a couple of cougars as evidence showing DNA indicators, within two different avenues not even close to Southern Dakota. One out of Northwestern Ontario and something in the united states.

Merely cougars in western Canada while the people were tracked by radio neckband

There are more indications of a possible West-east migration. Cougars with broadcast collars have now been captured on trail-cameras in Michigan and parts of the Midwest. After doing a bit of study I came across that we now have NO radio-telemetry products continuous inside part of the country. How would a collared animal end-up in Michigan unless they moved indeed there by itself?

My interest in big kitties began 13-years ago whenever I questioned a man from Monkland, Ontario, maybe not far from Cornwall, who had been bitten by a a€?large cat‘ while enabling his puppy around. (I was taking care of a magazine piece) Investigators determined, at that time, your chew scars were a€?feline‘ yet much too large for a domestic pet. Ever since then, i started after cougar sightings and also the research starting moving in, from all around.

As among the couple of backyard people during the state just who monitors huge pet sightings and contains reported regularly on puzzle of cougars, i’m aware of some cool a€?Cougar Intel‘

A year ago i showcased files in Fish, quest & trip mag of one from Southern Ontario who had taken some remarkable photos of just what the guy considered to are a cougar. We concurred. Gigantic kittens have also seized on trailcams not not even close to the Nation’s Capital a€“ on a farm in Grenville, QC and by a hunter in Fort Colounge.

In 2016, I received states of a large pet becoming spotted crossing the indiancupid desteДџi trail, a kilometer from my house east of Ottawa. I rapidly set-up a series of trailcams and spent the rest of the summer time hoping to catch a glimpse of a huge cat. To no avail.