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Receive the finance as soon as possible

Receive the finance as soon as possible

If you lose track of where you are in your repayment plan, then all you need to do is log into your SpotMeNow account and check your member dashboard to see where you are up to in your repayment plan. Our goal is to make the process of applying for and managing your finance with us a totally transparent process where you are always informed.

No unforeseen costs

Each finance option comes with an establishment fee payday loans in Bartlett TN and an interest rate (generally between 2.99% to 3.75% per month). However, there are no early exit fees.

Our transparency when it comes to repayment structures is something that we pride our company on. At SpotMeNow, we endeavour to provide our clients with fair and equitable finance, without compromising their financial position.

Making sure that there are no unforeseen costs is a big part of our commitment to transparency. We only seek customers who can responsibly make an informed decision about the long-term value of our instant approval loans when they need cash today for something important.

We do not engage in refinancing

As a principle rule, we do not engage in refinancing. Refinancing is a process in which you replace an existing debt obligation with another debt obligation, albeit under different conditions.

This type of scenario is what commonly leads to people falling into debt holes, in which they can’t make ends meet unless they accumulate more debt. We refuse to do this, which is why we perform credit checks on all our prospective clients before providing them with money. If we believe you will be unable to repay one of our instant loans without compromising your own financial position, then we will not proceed with your application.

You can amend your repayment timeline

Another reason why you should work with us is the flexibility we provide our clients when it comes to repayment dates and obligations. You have the power to change your repayment timeline, in the sense that you can repay the principal and the interest before the timeline ends, or later, if you encounter further financial hardship. We can break down the repayments into smaller, more manageable amounts, and spread this out over a longer period.

Our processes are simple to understand

We also strive to make everything as simple and as straightforward as possible, which is why we steer clear of making everything highly technical and complex. Everything on our website is communicated clearly and honestly. However, if you do have further questions, then reach out to someone from our sales team for more information or clarity.

Another benefit of short-term finance is that you can receive one of our instant approval loans when you need cash today. There’s no excessive paperwork, lengthy phone calls, or noisy fax machines required to apply for instant approval loan when you need cash today.

Just provide evidence of your eligibility, and we will assess, approve, and transfer the money into your account in a matter of minutes. You will need to demonstrate that you have a regular source of income since we need to know that you can make your repayments on time. You can apply online on your computer or from your mobile, anytime, and from anywhere in Australia.

Less stress for you

Because our repayment plans are fairly relaxed and open to negotiation, you won’t be anywhere near as stressed as you usually are when it comes to financing your short-term objectives. The last thing you need is unnecessary stress or anxiety, so we endeavour to minimise this as much as we can.

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